The Casa de Serralves, built on the outskirts of Porto between 1925 and 1944, is a spectacular Art Deco house with significant interior details. It was designed by José Marques da Silva to the commission of Carlos Alberto Cabral, who had been inspired by the 1925 International Exhibition of Modern Decorative and Industrial Arts.

The unusual pink exterior was proposed by Alfred Porteneuve. The interior details, which are well-preserved, were relatively late. Émile-Jacques Ruhlman designed the dining room, hall, salon, cloakroom and billiard room. René Lalique designed the large skylight in the main hall’s ceiling. Edgar Brandt designed the wrought iron gate in the hall. Jean Perzel designed the lamps. The building is now owned by the Serralves Foundation. Restoration was overseen by Álvaro Siza.

2 thoughts on “CASA DE SERRALVES

  1. It’s wonderful Marshall. Why does Art Deco make me feel so good??? Something about it!!!

    Did you ever see Maureen Lipman’s programme about Art Deco buildings and hotels in and near London. I think she may have covered that house in St. Albans – trying to think of the name of the road – at the big traffic lights with a pub on the corner – turn left towards Harpenden and the houses are on the left-hand side (I think the self-pick farm is on the left on the road) – I might be muddling up the roads as I think there are two parallel roads towards Harpenden but I am sure you know the houses I mean.

    I love Maureen Lipman and the London hotel she visited was awesome – meant to try and go there but haven’t made it yet! I must look up and see if I can find Maureen’s programme as it was brilliant.

    Thanks for sharing and opening up the subject. I did buy an art deco triple-mirrored shaving stand from the Paris antique market – great for doing my make-up as the central mirror is a magnifying mirror. It was hilarious brining it back on the train though!! I will try and send a photo but am needed in the garden – promised to ‘do’ the edges after Ron mows the lawn!!! Connie our Boxer dog loves to help!!! hahaha!!

    Hope you are having a super day – lovely and warm and sunny – at last – up here in The Scottish Borders!!!

    Lyn xx



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