I wrote earlier about Claudia Clare, the artist whose talk at Ceramic Art London was cancelled in spring, apparently because of her Gender Critical beliefs.

Claudia has now started legal action against the Craft Potters Association on the grounds that in cancelling her they unlawfully discriminated against her. She’s relying on the Forstater judgement, which classes Gender Critical beliefs as a protected characteristic.

This is a significant action for artistic freedom against a creeping Macarthyite tendency to exclude from events and organisations creatives who hold unacceptable views. The case, which Claudia reports on in detail in her blog, is at a preliminary stage where documents are being asked to be put before the court.

One thought on “CLAUDIA CLARE (5)

  1. Dear Marshall – Good luck to Claudia Clare! I am delighted that you have entered the debate about transgender rights and it’s attack on reality. When words cease to describe facts, we enter a very dangerous world where mob feelings become law and woe betide alone who takes another stance. I am fascinated by my own feelings on transgender issues. They rise unbidden, but they are strong! I have read about half of the Forstater judgement and thank my stars that I do not have to engage is such accurate nit picking to establish legally binding judgements. And all to restate the obvious that a man cannot become a woman and vice versa though he may like to pretend he is one and we are being forced to play along with the pretence in order not to give offence. If I take offence, that of course is not allowed. Jonathan.



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