Turning to Tony Birks’s life of Lucie Rie, I saw that the model she made with Grete Salzer, exhibited at the 1925 Paris Expo, about which I wrote earlier with a fuzzy image from L’Autriche à Paris 1925, is better illustrated in his book (above), which is based on conversations with Rie and makes use of photos from her archive.

I’ll be writing soon about the exhibition Women Artists of the Weiner Werkstätte at MAK (the Vienna Museum of Applied Art) which I saw a couple of days ago. In the meantime there’s a beautiful photo of Lucie in Vienna taken by Lotte Meiner-Graf.

2 thoughts on “LUCIE RIE IN VIENNA

  1. As you are interested in Lucie Rie, look up her muse Ernst Plishke. He designed her Vienna apartment which she disassembled and brought to London. After her death it was reassembled in Vienna’s wonderful Hofmobiliendepot furniture museum. Plishke spent WW2 in Wellington New Zealand, only leaving in 1960 to become Professor of Architecture in Vienna, where he designed much furniture. He was a close friend of my wife’s family and my wife’s honorary grandfather! Phaidon ehas a book on Plishke.


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