These glaze tests are a new departure for me. I’m planning to relaunch my ceramics over the next few months, replacing the terracotta I’ve used for many years with stoneware and these minimalist, urban colours. My standard shapes will remain but the clay body and the glazes are changing.
Terracotta produces wonderful bright colours but it needs careful handling if it’s not to chip after long use. Although my tableware is food-safe and dishwasher and microwave proof, stoneware is more robust. 
For the technically-minded, these are feldspathic dolomite glazes with a pleasant satin matt surface and a nice speckled texture. There’s still some research to be done, but I’m please with the results so far.
I’ll continue to make my “Berry” and “Arabesque” patterns on a white glaze background – the glaze on the bottom left is the one I’ll be using. The patterns will look similar but the pottery will be more hard-wearing.
This is just a sneak preview!  There will be more news as the new range develops.

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